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A gaming wiki for all the various role playing games I work on in my spare time. Most of them are commercial, some my own variations, and even one entirely of my own. Included are rules and adventures, in various levels of development.

Pulp Adventures ScenarioEdit

The following pages support a series of planned adventures using a time line from the end of WW1 to the variable start of WW2, somewhere between 1936-1941, depending on what the players do. The history is alternate, I have pushed some technologies forward to allow for various devices, such as viable Zeppelins, earlier introduction of a form of jet engine (Ion drives), a better electric battery so that petrol based automobiles do not take a strangle hold, and the use of plastics ahead of their commercial time frames. The results of the players actions during some of their adventures will have an influence on when WW2 starts.

PULP is SF, and Fantasy. It is just set in the 1920's so the SF component is ala Flash Gordon/Raiders of the Lost Ark style. You will be flying around with jet packs, you will have ray guns, you will have zeppelins, you will have Nazi's and Illuminati. You will also have Sword and Sorcery via the Hollow World adventures - lost worlds, dinosaurs, ancient magics, Atlantas. (see the adventures listing page on the wiki). In 1939 (see the history line) the game converts to Spaceship Empires, a SF game where everyone on earth moves into space with the help of aliens.

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